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Home Sweet Home

We’re “home again, home again, jiggidy jig” as my dad always says. We had a great time in Utah, but like always our list of To Do’s included more than we could accomplish in the 10 days we were there. But don’t worry, we still got some great snowboarding in and Santa took good care of me with a new Burton Feather board with boots and bindings to match. I love my Santa! *wink* It was really fun to see Crew play in the snow for the first time and watch him try to figure out how to walk, then run, then (of course) jump in his new moonboots. Oh to be a kid again. We did so much that it’d take weekly installments to describe it all so here it is in a nutshell. Please excuse the bullet points. This comes from my former life as an exec assistant – just humor me, will ya?

  • We tried to drive from here to there all in one night (we didn’t leave here until 8:30pm) and ran out of gas 8 miles outside of Cedar City at 3:30am. Thank heavens for gas cans and Comfort Inns!
  • We were severely reminded how COLD and DRY Utah is! Good grief it was freezing!!!
  • Jax met a large portion of his relatives. Lots of ooos and aahhhs and even a few smiles from Jax.
  • Crew helped Carl shovel the walks. It took a while for him to figure out the thumb finger of his mittens, but once he got the hang of them it was money!
  • There was a lot of shopping, gift exchanging, and food, food, FOOD!
  • We got to visit Nick and Faith and see their new pad. I’m still green with envy over the “pot filler” on her stove!
  • Brit gave me the tour of her new apartment! It’s still weird hearing her answer to her new last name, but it’s so perfect.
  • Brit and I went shopping at Aeropostale and I found some new jeans! HURRAY!
  • We went to church on Christmas Eve with my family. I have to admit I got choked up as we say the closing hymn “Silent Night”. There was such a peaceful spirit there. (And Chalise, you’re so grown up and beautiful!!)
  • Carl and I went to Brighton twice with Paul. Good ol’ Brighton. Good ol’ Paul! Seeing Garrick again was great too.
  • We had a great time at “Moody-palooza” on Christmas Day and got to catch most of the family before people started to head home.
  • Jen and Jerry treated us to an almost vegetarian lasagna dinner that was to die for! Jen, I need that recipe!
  • Crew got lots of play time with “Dawin an’ Josie an’ da howsies”. Translation: Dallin and Josie and the stick horses they raced with around the house all night long. I love that he has such fun cousins!
  • Carl and Crew took the wheeler out past Lehi for a little riding. Carl said Crew’s helmet was too heavy for him to walk in and he kept falling over! ha ha
  • Grandma taught Crew how to paint while Carl and Grandpa built the basement bathroom.
  • Nana got Jax to laugh for the first time with her famous rendition of Patty Cake.
  • Nana took me to Tai Pan Trading and Gardner Village. I miss the mother/daughter shopping!
  • Grandma and Grandpa gave us a tour of the Conference Center downtown.  If you haven’t taken the tour, I strongly encourage it just for the art work!
  • We met up with Lee and Jana for some Magleby’s Fresh breakfast. After I came down from cloud 9 (oh my gosh that food was heaven!), Jana and I braved the mall while the guys hit up Snowbird. Don’t worry: Lee smashed his hip, Carl sprained his elbow and smashed his hand, Carmen fell out of her stroller onto her head and Crew was nearly killed by a falling ladder. It’s a miracle any of us survived the day!
  • We tried to drive from there to here all in one night (we didn’t leave there until 5:30pm) and finally pulled up to the house at 4:30am only to learn that we were locked out. Luckily we had lots of sleeping bags in the garage and a combo lock on the Expedition so we camped out until we could get a key around 8:00am. I think I know what it feels like to have a hangover now.

I’m sure there are several things I’m leaving out, but just know that we had a great time. Nona, if you’re reading this I’m so sorry we couldn’t meet up. (Did you get my message?) It’s actually my only regret with the trip. Now it’s back to life as usual (in 65 degree temperatures, hurray!) and I’m so not looking forward to taking down the Christmas stuff. It never seems to fit back in the boxes as easily as it was to unpack!

Oh and don’t worry. There are a gazillion pictures I still need to upload but I’m too tired to go hunt for the camera so I’ll post them later. Well, I’m off to peel Carl off the couch and herd his delirious self to bed. Hope you all had a great holiday!

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