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This kid will sleep just about anywhere.


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Hi, I’m Chantel. Nice to meet you.

It’s been so long since my last post that I feel introductions are in order once again.  I don’t really have one really good, solid excuse for neglecting our blog here, just lots of little things that have kept me away over the last month.  I’ve been on some great vacations, Carl has been neck deep in school, and I’ve been preoccupied with some great books.  But the other night I caught Carl logging into the computer and going straight to our blog, just to check for a new post before resuming his schoolwork.  I felt guilty for not posting the funny, quirky and totally random things we laugh about every day.  So this is me officially recommitting myself to posting.  To kick off my new resolution to blogging, let me tell you a little about myself.

Carl and I are going on 12 years now.  He’s still my best friend, still making me laugh ’til my cheeks ache.  We have so many inside jokes that we can hold entire conversations without out kids knowing what in the world we’re talking about.

These are our three little stooges.  They can melt my heart like butter in the microwave and make me go from zero to irate in a matter of seconds.  I just love, love, love these 3 sets of blue eyes and dimples!

I love the beach.  I geek out all the time over how much I love the ocean, love visiting the beach, LOVE living in California.  I mean, before 7 years ago pictures like this were only found on my PC wallpaper and postcards.

I love Pintrest.  I remember a few years ago I made a post on Facebook with teary eyes, “It became painfully obvious tonight that I have no sense of style or fashion.”  I felt like I’d hit a low after going shopping and not being able to put a simple outfit together.  I felt so out of touch with what was in style and more importantly what portrayed my style.  After using Pintrest (and creating over 1,000  pins) I’m finally realizing what kinds of things I gravitate towards and I have a strong sense of what my style is.  At least when I go shopping now I don’t want to curl up in the fetal position and cry in the dressing room.

I love surprises and random acts of kindness.  Like having a giant bag of kettle corn dropped at my front door because someone overheard me raving about some I’d had at a ward party!  Or when Carl threw me a surprise party once for my birthday and had all our friends meet us at our favorite restaurant in Utah.  (It went down in my books as one of the funnest nights ever.)

I love to laugh.  I wouldn’t say I’m wild and crazy but I’m definitely not a very serious person.  Nothing feels better than a good laugh and those times when I get slap happy and can’t stop laughing (usually late at night)… oh my, those are!  I tend to laugh over the dumbest things too, like one-liners from movies or other people’s infectious laughs.  Maybe that’s why I love the movie The Burbs so much because the characters say the most randomly funny things and listening to my dad laugh at it makes it that much better.  In fact, the last time I laughed myself to tears was over a quote from The Burbs that someone had posted on Facebook.

I love to run.   I have this awesome group of girls I meet up with early in the AM and sometimes late at night to run with.  Carl and I are training for another Ragnar Relay next month so I’m trying to kick my butt in gear and reach 8 miles before the race.  I’m so close and I’d never get the miles logged in if it wasn’t for these girls.  And the conversations we text about back and forth prior to a run are hilarious!.  (Let’s just say poop is a regular topic.)

I love to write.  This blog has been a great outlet for that.  And my family loves to check in and read my posts when I actually get around to writing them.  (Sorry Mom!)

One thing’s for certain, I haven’t given up yet.  And now that my blog and I have been properly reacquainted I hope to see much, much more of it.

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“It’s business, it’s business time!”

Crew and Jax are always wanting to earn money for random things: ipod games, pets, the toy of the week, ice cream truck treats, the list goes on and on.  So Carl suggested they offer to water plants and feed pets while their owners go on vacation.  We all thought it was a great idea and so it began.  Creature Keepers was established 2012.  They made flyers and Crew handed them out to all his friends at school.

And before we knew it they were tending gardens, sitting tree frogs and beta fish, taking out trash, feeding bearded dragons, caring for bunnies and walking dogs.

It’s been really exciting for all three of my boys (Milo was soon hired by the owners) to earn money and care for so many different animals.  Maybe I should say fun for my FOUR boys.

Crew has been begging for a fish tank and convinced his brothers to save up their shares of the Creature Keeper money to help buy one.  It didn’t take long before they earned enough for a tank and set up.  Carl and I pitched in with some fish and the extra money needed to get the tank up and running.

Just for the record, now swimming around in that tank we have an african dwarf frog…

a loach…

a placo to suck the goo off the glass so we don’t have to clean the tank as much…

2 rasbora terteromorphas (guz oon tight!)…

2 red miner tetras…

and one dwarf gourami.

I’d say we’re doing pretty well so far with only one fatality despite constantly bumping the tank, over feeding the fish, and catching little fingers, hands and arms (ew!) in the tank.  We’re told it was most likely an overcrowding issue so we took out one of the decorative rocks.  It’s been a learning experience for all of us.  But if we can keep these guys alive for awhile we’d like to try our hands at a larger tank and some bigger, cooler fish.  There are some really pretty fish out there, some funny looking ones too.  We’ll see.  This has been a great way for Crew, Jax and Milo to learn the value of hard work and the responsibility that comes with owning pets.  Not to mention they’re seeing what real gardens look like when not being eaten alive by ants!  So if you have anything that needs to be fed or watered, be it plant or animal, give us a call.  My boys have their sights set on a lizard next!

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Escape to Utah: Part 3 – Together again

Carl and I gave our last hugs and goodbye’s to Paul and Lisa later that same day and continued on the rest of the way north to Jenni and Jerry’s house.  By the time we pulled into the driveway it was around midnight and we walked into a dark and quiet house.  Not wanting to wake anyone and feeling pretty worn out ourselves, we grabbed our sleeping bags and passed out on the floor for the night.  But not before going through our Powell pictures one more time.  Man, what a fun trip!  Early the next morning I could hear the kids running around and one by one they came in to give us hugs and say hi.  Well, Milo did and so did Crew.  Jax more or less said, “oh, hi.  That wasn’t very long, are you leaving again?”  He couldn’t decide if he was glad we were back or not.  Hahaha, crazy kid.  Speaking of kids, at some point the day before Jenni also took in her sister’s kids for the week.  A day or two extra in Lake Powell would have been heaven for Carl and I, not so much for Jenni and Jerry. (Yep, there are 11 of them!)  I’m glad we decided to come home as planned.

All that time sitting around and being care free really changes you.  This is “Vacation Carl” and I love him!

We wanted to spend a little time with Jenni and Jerry before saying goodbye so we all took a walk to the park for some kickball.  It was HOT and WINDY!

But good times were had none the less.  We broke up into teams: boys vs. girls.  The boys had it in their heads that they’d school us girls, but we taught them a lesson or two ourselves.  But only one team can win.  I’ll let you decide who won.

The celebrate, the girls put together a cheer.  It goes like this:  “Girls rock and boys bawk!”  I didn’t get it either until my niece explained, “You know, ‘bawk-bawk’ like a chicken.”  Oh, ok.

I just love these little squirts!

Jax wanted to take some pics to help us remember the day…

Between his overly cheesy poses, he kept coming up and hugging my leg.  “I’m really glad you’re back Mom.”  Awwww.  I love this guy.

After a fun day with the cousins it was time so say more thank you’s and give goodbye hugs.  We needed to get to Nana and Papa’s house so Carl could prep for his early flight to San Francisco.  I’m glad we’d be able to spend more time with family while we were missing him!

Next up: Nana and Papa’s house

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Summer To Do List: Glo Sticks

Does bedtime even exist anymore?  It doesn’t seem to around here… which can be a good thing or a very bad thing depending on the night.  I think I explain to Crew at least 7 times a week that we don’t go by the sun we go by the clock for bedtime.  But on this particular night it was worth keeping the kids up as we waited for the sun to drop and the lights to go out.

Have a look!

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Soft and fluffy

We had to stop at Kahoots to pet the bunnies today.

I’ll admit, they’re so small and cute (this one is a dwarf rabbit) that I consider buying one every time. Shhh don’t tell my kids!

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Which way to the gun show?

Some old friends invited us back to Utah for a boathouse vacay at Lake Powell this summer.

Carl is officially ready!
P.S. I can hardly wait myself!!

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It’s almost here!

It’s just days away so we’re getting ready!



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We love Milo!

Carl taught me how to snowboard while we were dating and I wanted to buy my own gear.  So one Saturday I went with Carl and our buddy Eric (both who knew a thing or two about snowboarding) to Salty Peaks to see about getting me a new setup.  Carl asked one of the guys working there if he could suggest a good board for a beginner like me.  The guy gave a smirk, nodded his head and said, “yah man” and steered us over to a row of the latest snowboards.  The guy asked me my skill level and how often I snowboarded.  I told him I was just learning and had only been a handful of times but I really liked it and wanted my own stuff to continue learning.  Again, the smirk as he pulled out a HUGE board that was at least 6 ft tall.  He looked at me and said, “This board is sweet.  It’s awesome for tabletops, riding some rails and does AWWWesome when you just wanna hit some pow.”  I looked at Carl as if this guy had just spoken Chinese, hoping maybe he could translate.  Carl just laughed at the guy and said, “No.  She’s a beginner.  The only tabletop she’s going to deal with is the one we’re eating on for dinner.”  Clearly the sales kid was trying to take advantage of me not knowing a lot about the sport.  Jerk.  We walked right outta there and across the parking lot to a small shop called Milo Sport.  The shop had a totally different vibe, the people were nice and they acted like they cared that I was just learning.  By the time we left, I was geared up with a new Burton Motion board complete with bindings and boots.  I was STOKED!  And we’ve been loyal to Milo Sports ever since.  Fast forward several years later when trying to find a name for our little guy on the way and “Milo” just seemed to fit.  Fast forward again to a few weeks ago and Carl wondered about getting Milo a shirt with the store logo on it so he emailed the store manager in Utah.  The manager said they didn’t have anything like that but would keep his eyes open.  So we forgot about it until I went to check the mail and found a package from Milo Sport.  I opened it up and found a beanie with MILO on it, along with lots of Milo stickers.  It was a simple gift but it speaks volumes of why we love this shop and all the guys/girls that work there.  And doesn’t our little man look cute?!


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All done

I found Carl passed out on our lounge bed in the backyard, enjoying the last bit of sunshine after a long day of bishopric stuff. Oh how I love this man.

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