September 1 2012 was a good day for Crew!  Nana, Papa, Courtney and Peyton all came to help us celebrate!

(oh man, I wish this pic wasn’t blurry!!)

IMG_1334He set such a great example for his little brothers.

IMG_1332I’m so proud of you Crew!


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Arts and crafts


I’ve heard horror stories about extensive and time consuming school projects that await me as a mom of three kids. I’ve had friends tell me about their nights helping kids make their science projects, their book reports, their mission models (a California thing?). When Crew brought home his first project i was a little freaked out! Thankfully, so far the few projects we’ve had have been pretty manageable. The latest assignment Crew was sent home with another “family project” to decorate a turkey for the 1st grade hallway. My art supplies are starting to run out and we had to get a little creative, but i think Crew and i did a pretty great job.  My favorite part is the balloon we used for the “gobbler”.


I have to hand it to Crew.  He’s pretty handy with a glue gun!

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Lucky number 7

Crew officially turned 7 on August 5th.  And even though he celebrated it with his cousins in Utah, we had to represent back home in Cali.  I always try and decorate the house in some way while the kids are sleeping so they can wake up to the fun in the morning.  They’ve come to really look forward to it and this time was no exception.  Unfortunately, I’d failed to check my stash of supplies beforehand.  When Crew finally settled down and went to sleep I set to work decorating only to realize I was out of balloons, out of streamers, and had almost no ribbon.  Great.  It was 11:30pm, too late to head to Walmart and feel safe about it.  So I tried to make due with what I had.  Which were magazines.  Lots of them.  So I decided to cut out a bajillion number 7’s and hung them with string and the different colored ribbons I had so they dangled above the counter and table in the kitchen.  I hung more on the landing above our stairs.

And I made a sign that would greet him as soon as he woke up.  I was pretty proud of my work and finally went to bed around 2am.

The next morning I heard him walk into my room around 7am, blanket dragging behind him.

Crew:  “Mom?”

A groggy me:  “Good morning, bud.  Happy Birthday!”

Crew:  “Did you not have very much money to do better decorations?”

He said it so innocently (we’d just had a talk the other day about the importance of watching how you spend your money), but was clearly not impressed with my handy work.  Ouch.  Oh well.  I guess you can’t hate the kid for being honest.  Carl hear this and rolled over to give me a hug as soon as the birthday boy exited the room.  Oh well.  You win some, you lose some.

Crew wanted a sea cake so that afternoon he helped me make it.  Chocolate cake with sweadish fish and electric eels (gummy worms).

Jax offered his artistic help too, although Crew was sure to remind him several times that this was HIS cake.  (See Jax’s tongue?  Totally concentration.)

I’d say that’s our best sea cake yet!

Milo had been sick the last few days and we still weren’t able to leave the house much.  So rather than go out on the town to celebrate, we sang happy birthday…

watched Rio with the family, and then Carl camped out in the backyard with Crew and Jax.  I think it was a great day and night for him!  Happy Birthday Crew!  We love you so, so much!!


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“All I want for krithmuth”

Crew’s two front teeth fell out, each within about half an hour of each other.  He was initially excited about losing both teeth, thinking twice the payoff from the tooth fairy.  But once they were gone (and we had corn on the cob for dinner) he realized this might not be such a great thing.

I just can’t get over how stinkin’ cute it is to hear him talk now.  “Mom, will you pleath path me the juith?”

Ugh!  So stinkin’ cute!

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