A corpse and his bride

Carl and I were invited to a fantastic Halloween Party this year that required us to not only wear a costume, but comply to a Tim Burton theme.  I love this kind of stuff!  We weren’t sure what to wear until my mom mentioned that she still had her wedding dress “sitting in the dress up box”.  Fingers crossed it would even fit me, I had her ship it to make The Corpse Bride.  The dress itself was really pretty, my mom sewed it all herself.  (Can you imagine sewing your own wedding dress?  Talk about stressful!)  And the best part was that it fit me if I sucked it in while standing straight up to zip it.  Mom assured me she didn’t care if I ruined it with makeup or hair paint but still, I was a little nervous.


But it made the perfect Corpse Bride costume.  I tried my best to copy Emily’s look.


I had my costume all figured out but Carl’s was a lot more tricky.  We had 3 hours before the party so we made a quick trip to Goodwill to see if anything would work.  We found this really cool jacket that did just the trick.  Carl even let me put makeup on him to make him look just like Victor.


The party was amazing but the best part was hanging out with my favorite ghoul.  Carl was such a good sport!

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2 thoughts on “A corpse and his bride

  1. Tami

    turned out so awesome! you nailed it.

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