Spencer palooza 2012

Right after the baptism we packed our car to the brim and drove to St. George for another Spencer Palooza week!  We stayed in an amazing house with rooms and bathrooms for all, a pool and lots of space to roam, play, watch movies and hang out.  It was exactly my kind of vacation!

Crew was first to give the waterslide a test run.

IMG_1362The water was freezing cold, but it was perfect for the 100 degree sunny weather!

IMG_1343When you’re on vacation, clothes are never a first priority.

IMG_1348Eating between swim sessions. {Peyton, Milo, Jax, Carl and Crew. Boston in the highchair}

IMG_1350Boston cracks me up!  I just wanna squeeze him silly!

IMG_1352Nerding out is totally ok when vacationing.  Jax took full advantage.

IMG_1355Milo and Peyton were in a constant giggly conversation with each other.


IMG_1380The remains of my Tigers Blood.  Good to the last drop.

IMG_1381Nana brought a craft for the kids to make.

IMG_1384Custom door hangers!


IMG_1386Getting all these kiddos to hold still is practically impossible.  Here’s a fuzzy but happy picture of their craftsmanship.

IMG_1391Greg helped Crew, Jax and Daxton trap this enormous lizard.  And when the ants killed him, they caught another one.

IMG_1393Carl tried, oh how he tried, to win me in swimming races.  But he was no match for my aquatic skillz.

IMG_1395Nana lounged around and laughed at all of Papa’s cat calls.  (You’d think they were in love or something.)


There was a creek behind the house, perfect for shooting rocks with the new sling shots Carl gave the boys.  I think he loved those sling shots as much, if not more than the kids did.

IMG_1402Milo shared his sling shot with Daxton so Carl took him and Crew out for a round.

IMG_1404Aw.  Love this one.

IMG_1406Enjoying the last sunset before saying goodbye. {Chantel, Carl and Daxton}

IMG_1407Milo knows how to enjoy the pool!


IMG_1374Sadly, it was time to head back home.  We had a fabulous time with family and can’t wait to see them again!


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