Days like this

The heat has F.I.N.A.L.L.Y given in to cooler fall weather here.  At least for the moment.  It seems to be an hour-by-hour thing.  It’s hot then cold, then windy, then rainy, then sunny, then HOT.  I came out of Institute (a church class, not the loony bin) yesterday to pouring rain.  What?!  As much as I love the sunshine, I absolutely love when it rains too.

I’ll admit the coloring is a bit weird thanks to my windshield tinting, but this sight was still amazing enough for me to risk taking a picture while driving 50mph.  Today is more of the same, minus the rain with cool air and lots of clouds.  So wonderful!  Having surrendered my car to the service department for some maintenance (annoying!), Milo and I celebrated our house arrestedness with some pie baking. With the weather all crisp and fallish I was craving something pumpkin.  I’d planned to make a traditional pumpkin pie using the recipe off the can.  Nothing too fancy.  Then Pintrest said to use mini muffin tins to make tiny pies.  With tiny fingers wanting to help I had to make some tiny treats.

  So we gave it a try.

Holy bite-sized trouble!  Just wait til they cool and we plop some cool whip on top.  I forgot that most of my family doesn’t even like pumpkin pie.  Sadly, Milo doesn’t like them.  Jax doesn’t either.  If Crew doesn’t appreciate them it’ll be up to Carl and I to eat the entire batch.  Note to self, the recipe on the back of a 29 oz. can of pumpkin is for TWO pies.  Oy.  Let the holiday binge eating begin.

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2 thoughts on “Days like this

  1. Tami

    genius!! we all LOVE pumpkin pie here. i could put those in lunches out of the fridge! yummm. what did you do for the crust? can you send me the link for the recipe? totally making these.

  2. And just like that – mid 90s again. It was wonderful while it lasted, wasn’t it?

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